Nov 14 2008

ZoeMagik Records

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In 1992 I started ZoeMagik records with my partner Jim Hopkins from Twitch Records.  I was 23 and full of spunk thinking that I there was nothing in the world I could not do.  Not having any clue about what would be involved in starting a record label, I set out to do just that.

It was an amazing time to be living in San Francisco – full of wonder and excitement, energy seemed to crackle in the air, and it was not just us.  All around the city were colonies of creatively like minded people coming together making amazing sights and sounds and objects.  It really was a City of Tribes.

So I ordered a book about the music industry, including a book from Nolo Press on how to do your own recording and publishing contracts and licensing agreements.

Stuff we produced included the following:

Shortly after forming ZoeMagik Records, we started up a second independent label called City of Tribes Records aiming at World music as only Northern California could interpret it.  This included the following:

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