Nov 18 2008

Japan 2008

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In December 2008, Tom and I went snowboarding in Japan.  We landed in Kyoto and spend a day walking around the city in the rain – it was magical.

From Kyoto we climbed aboard the Shinkansen to the Nagano Prefecture where we spent 9 days snowboarding in a little village called Nozawa Onsen.

After several days of snowboarding, we decided to take a day off and head to see the famous Snow Monkeys.  It was quite the adventure requiring us to take two buses, a train and another bus and then walked for 30 minutes.

From there it was back on board the Shinkansen to Toyko where we spent 3 days.  Tokyo is an amazing city that brought up memories of Burningman.

If you have never been to the fish market then you are missing out on an incredible adventure.  Be warned, you must get up at 4:00am to catch the highlights.

From Tokyo, it was onto our final destination, Niseko, a ski resort at the village of Hirafu on the northern island of Hokkaido. This time it was not via the bullet train but rather the luxurious sleeper train Cassiopeia.  It was amazing waking up to the gentle motion of the train as it made its way along the icey sea shore of Hokkaido.

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