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In November 2009, I released my first iPhone game called “Adventures of Chuck: Chunder Cats!”.

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Chhairo, Nepal

On December 15th, 2004, I traveled to Nepal to work on a cultural restoration project to help restore a centuries-old Buddhist monastery that was once the cultural center of the Takhali people of Mustang. When the Chinese government closed the border to Tibet, the villages along the trade route met with economic hardship. The affluent salt traders of the region were forced to relocate in order to support themselves and their families. The region fell into poverty and disrepair. For many years the people of the area still came to Chhairo to practice their religious traditions, but, the dwindling population found it difficult to support and maintain the Gompa. In the early seventies the last of the monks left Chhairo and the fate of the Gompa was left to the elements.

The harsh weather of the area has taken its toll on the Gompa structure and the treasures inside are at risk of being lost forever. Centuries-old wall paintings and sculptures dwell precariously in a structure on the verge of collapse. Without immediate attention these works of master artists and craftsmen will be erased from existence.

While there, I had the experience of meeting two local women, one suffering from a broken wrist and the other from what sounded like a severely bleeding ulcer.  To my amazement I discovered that the 2500 Rupees that I had in my pocket covered the costs for both women to travel to the doctor in Jomsom (three hours away) where they were both treated.  The doctor relayed that had the woman with the broken wrist delayed too many more days, they would have to amputate her hand.  The second lady was suffering from internal bleeding from a bad ulcer and is now under treatment and responding well.

2500 Rupees is $33.00, not even a nice dinner back home.

I have begun work setting up a 501(c)(3) organization to raise money for a medical fund for these incredibly impoverished people of Lower Mustang, Nepal.


Pacha Cuti Project – Ritual Dance

In 2002, I had the blessed fortune of meeting one of the most influential persons in my life.  Through my friendship with Corey Caballero I have found a dimension to my life that has been waiting patiently for me.  Together we embarked on a project to transform popular club dance music into a means by which people can explore dance as spiritual tool within the architecture of healing ritual.

January 2007 – Update

This project has come to its conclusion.  For three years we created space to allow people to find their gift.  For anyone interested in the amazing music we produced, you can still download or stream them.  Using your browser, simply go to  You will see a listing of several of the pieces we used in each of the rituals.  To download the music, simply right click on the file and select Save Target As.. (depending on your browser).  For Mac users, use CTRL-click.

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