Dec 04 2009

Dreams of the Yeti

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Wow, several months and suddenly a bunch of new music.  I hope you like it – this one is a 3 hour journey through the ambient and chill sounds of the Yeti.



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Jul 15 2009

Once Upon A Time In San Francisco

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Here is my latest mix.

It is a Chill/Ambient mix that starts and ends with a definitive San Francisco artist – Young American Primitive (aka Greg Scanavino).  The two tracks are from Greg’s only CD that we released back in the mid 90’s on my now defunct label, ZoeMagick Records.  It was truly an amazing time in San Francisco.  A time when magic was in the air and everyone felt there was nothing they couldn’t do.

I met Greg one Sunday morning at the EndUp in San Francisco in the 90′s.  He was telling me all about his music so we went to his car where he popped in a cassette tape into the player and we listed to “Over and Out”.  The next day he went to work crafting an entire album which we released a few months later.  The first track on this mix is called “Sunrise” which represents a time when Greg was intern working for the Navy on an underwater listening project (Greg is very smart).  Many times they worked through the night finishing just before dawn.  This song is how Greg describes that moment when the sea is as calm as glass and the morning sun breaks over horizon in that instance of beauty.

Sadly, it has been almost 15 years and I have lost touch with Greg.

I hope you enjoy, and always, would love to hear what you think.




1 Sunrise – Young American Primitive
2 Touched By The Sun – Rusch & Elusive’s Chill Out Mix Edit Envio
3 Tears Don’t Fall – Original Mix Cyrus
4 Ether Aesthetics feat. Vocals By Nevena Nikolova & Kaval By Venzislav Dikov – Original Mix Kliment
5 Drive feat. Melody Gough – Original Mix Jaytech
6 Crystalline feat. Vocals By Nevena Nikolova & Milena Sergueeva – Original Mix Kliment
7 Universe Alchemy feat. Vocal By Milena Sergueeva – Original Mix Kliment
8 Serenade – Katoey Ambient Mix Marga Sol
9 Spacebird – Ambient Mix Ilay Mosolov
10 1000 Mile Drift feat. Brother J – Simon Flower’s Lost At Sea Mix Pitch Black
11 Bird Soul – Ornithomancy Mix Pitch Black
12 Travels To The In?nite feat. Flute By Aura Rascon And Mantra Vocal By Pavel Terziiski
13 Communicate – Original Mix Chris Lake
14 Falling People – Original Mix Dousk
15 Ever Forever Sensibility – Original Mix Cyrus
16 Anagram – Dousk
17 Over and Out – Young American Primitive

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Nov 20 2008

Enternal Sunshine Redux

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Here is my latest mix, it was made for my dear friends Helen and Greg. With my new blog format, please leave comments on what you think…

Here is the playlist:

1 Finding Ground – Original Mix Christopher Willits
2 Chill In Natura Chilled C’Quence
3 The 79 Years – Original Mix Dezarate
4 Caffe Express – Original Mix Dezarate
5 Dem Cowboys – Original Mix Illuminus
6 Freefall Pitch Black [Nz]
7 Planted Sounds From The Ground
8 Finding Ground – Original Mix Christopher Willits
9 The Legacy Chilled C’Quence
10 Don´t Stop – Original Mix Blank & Jones, Claudia Brucken
11 La Noche – Original Mix Dezarate
12 Subraum – Original Mix Sixty4
13 Waterlove feat. Guitars by BCraack – Absance Remix Lank
14 Waterlove feat. Guitars by BCraack – Forteba Lank

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Nov 19 2008

Beautiful Day

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Here is a non-dance music mix that I did for my friend Jonathan called Beautiful Day which features Queen, the Carpenters, a wonderful black woman covering Prince and Cyndie Lauper, Doris Day, and samples from Strangers with Candy.  I hope you like it.

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