Feb 17 2012

Light in the Sky

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Holy cow!  I can not believe that it has been so long since I have done a mix.  For whatever lame reason, I let my work and busy-ness keep me from my music.  I was inspired by some kind words from a new friend from Brazil to make this mix.

Other good news!  I have been asked to DJ for Flagging in the Park in May here in San Francisco, which I am really excited about.  Between that and the fact that I have been yearning for some good Trance music, I figured I would rummage through my collection from the past many many years and put this together, it is a lot of my favorite tracks.  If you detect some crackle and hiss on some of the tracks, that is because they were originally on vinyl.

Note to self – I really need to start DJing out again.

Burningman 2001

Yes, this is me in 2001 at Burningman!

Hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah…

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Lastly, this and all mixes on my site are intended for promotional use only…

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Feb 12 2009

Yeti (the snowboarders mix)

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Hey Everyone, 

Here is a progressive trance mix.  I have been enjoying it while riding and this week with the 8′ of new snow it should be nice.

As always, would love to hear any feedback.

12″ of love…


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